Scott Van Gogh

My brother is a genious.

The new image will forever be below all of the posts (scroll down)....a reminder to us all that I love the Big Apple.


Broadway Brett

Brett Favre

It's 1:15 am and Brett Favre just announced that he's going to the New York Jets. I can not believe my life right now.


One week, 2 days out

It's 10:10 pm and I'm sitting here with Roomie and Amelia watching Sheer Genious. So You Think You Can Dance just finished up. I love that Twitch.

Amelia is baking a cake for Mike. A German Chocolate yummy-goodness cake. It's a bittersweet moment as Mike is in the hospital and the realization that I only have one week and 2 days left in Atlanta has set it. It doesn't help that my dresser is in 80 pieces on the living room floor, and I just ate good-veggie-Burger-Joes for what may be the last time.

Tomorrow is my last kickball game. A lot of "last Atlanta" moments seem to be coming early than I thought.

This is my first blog and I'm slightly ashamed. Not because I haven't written one before, but because now I will have to succomb the title "blogger," which we all know will eventually morph into "The most amazing blogger to ever hit the internet." <---- As said by others, not be me of course.

Happy Birthday Bailey!