Something to be thankful for...

So now that we have officially come out of our food comas, Roomie and I have returned to civilization. We'd like to share some photos from our little Thanksgiving dinner - yes folks...a sneak peek into our personal holiday celebration.

You will see Roomie and I cooking up a storm. To the left, we have Roomie making her Cope's Corn (family favorite I am told) and yummy salad (her own creation - spinach leaves, toasted walnuts, feta cheese, onion and mandarin oranges with a light raspberry vinaigrette!). To the right, I'm cooking the onion and celery down for the stuffing...thank you fasha.

Here I am checking on one of the many items we made, but for the blog's sake, lets say the Tofurky and Texas potatoes. I'm also holding up the Tofurky - the first time I've tried it. While it was nice to have "turkey" at Thanksgiving for the first time in three years...I did not love it. Nor did I love the gravy recipe that went with the Tofurky. Not so much. No recommendations coming from me.

The final Thanksgiving came down to this: Tofurky, stuffing, Texas potatoes, green bean casserole, Cope's corn, Heather's salad, cranberries and crescents. For dessert: Apple crisp with vanilla ice cream.
After a few hours, a few phone calls to Fasha for cooking advice and many "tastings" of our food later, we finished the feast. It was time to cheers ourselves for our first Thanksgiving in NYC and for the first Thanksgiving where we were the ones in the kitchen! Well, truth be told, I usually spend every holiday in the kitchen, but usually as the "official taster" and not the cook.

We ate our meal while watching "Miracle on 34th Street," a nice NYC holiday movie if I do say so myself. I realized while watching the movie and stuffing my face that my grandma Dorthy looked a lot like Maureen O'Day. Here's to hoping that I'll look like that as I age...and have her career....hmmm....
Heather was smart enough to capture the before and after moment's of her first Thanksgiving plate. I can assure you that mine was pretty much the same. Happy Thanksgiving to us!!



Carly and I are in the mist of our first NYC Thanksgiving! While she is in the kitchen (where she should be, hehehe) cooking away, I thought I'd share some videos and pictures from our exciting morning where we drank peppermint mochas, ate apple fritters and had an even sweeter view of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade from our office...

Is that you Snoopy?!

The new "Horton Hears a Who" balloon makes us happy and five...

It's Miley!! And who doesn't love a marching band?!...

...we love them so much they make us want to join the fun, march and step ;)

And then it all comes to an end with Santa
--OK, we are having technical difficulties with this last file so please imagine an awesome video of Carly wrapping up the morning's events with some witty commentary and the Santa Claus float coming to town. Stay tuned.--

Now it's my turn in the kitchen (Cope's Corn, here I come) more updates on the deliciousness later.


Scott's bringing sexy back

People magazine are finally getting back on my good side. After all of that Jessica Simspon crap, I think they know who's important here.

So move over Hugh...People have named a new "Sexiest Man Alive!"

Yes ladies, my brother has taken the title that men such as Brad Pitt and Cloones were given. You can call and email for his digits all you want...but I'm sorry ladies, he's taken!


Love and Other Impossible Pursuits

On my walk to work this morning I passed by a ton of movie tailors (and craft services - yum) on 71st between Madison and the Park. One of the tailors was stand-alone, bigger than the others and had a warning "dog inside" with the character name Emilia on it. Intrigued I was.

After hitting the office and trusty Google, I found out it is for the movie "Love and Other Impossible Pursuits" staring Natalie Portman as Emilia Greenleaf - a young woman who finds the key to recovering her marriage is her relationship with her precocious stepson. According to Variety Natalie took over the role after Jenny from the Block abruptly left the project.

Weird that those two would be up for the same role but I digress. Interesting way to start a Monday morning.


She's an insomniac, insomniac

Seriously...there is a chance I have issues. It's another Sunday with me wide awake at 5:30 am, and absolutely no reason to be up at 5:30 am. Why can't I ever feel this awake on a weekday so I would go to the gym before work and then be set for the day?

So I sit here, listening to Dave on my headphones so I don't wake Roomie, contemplating why I'm awake. I have a weird habit of waking up super early the day after I've been drinking. Yes, this is quite the opposite of the rest of the world who usually sleep in with hangovers after such a night. I am also pretty sure that half of New York is either sleeping or just getting in from Saturday night. There's also a good chance that a small portion of the latter group may be eating pancakes and hashbrowns at some random diner before ending their nights officially.

But not me. Roomie and I decided to stay in since it's bitter cold and we're broke. This decision led to artichoke lasagna and wine. Lots of wine.

So the Macy's parade is in less than a week, and I am e-x-c-i-t-e-d. Growing up, I watched it every year religiously. The best part is that my mom would make cinnamon rolls Thanksgiving morning while we watched the parade and by we I mean whoever walked in and out throughout the duration of the parade viewing party hosted by myself in the living room which was usually fasha. I also figured out that the cinnamon rolls, although a nice pairing with the antics of Macy's balloons, were actually a diversion tactic. You see, the rolls weren't meant to provide added entertainment and goodness to the joy that is the Snoopy float, even though they did just that. No, they were meant to keep five children out of the kitchen while the parentals cooked a family feast that was truly meant to be thankful for.

FYI - Dave just whispered something in my ear while I was writing here, and I thought I should share: "Don’t lose the dreams inside your head, they’ll only be there til you’re dead." That made me stop writing and fall into Dave land and now I have to share another line "But everyday should be a good day to die." Oh that Dave...inspiring me at 5:45 in the morning...but that's just what he does. And for that, I am thankful. *Lyrics from "You Never Know" from Busted Stuff. <--Get to know it.

Did you know Roseanne is on Nick at Night at 5:45 in the morning? Neither did I, but can assure you that it is.

Let's see...what else can I ramble on about so that I don't feel like such a lame loser for being awake right now...oh yes Macy's parade! I was in fact trying to make a point before Dave whisked me away.
So the building where Roomie and I work is having a viewing of the parade. It's right on Broadway, so we get to be inside and warm while watching Woodstock float by. I can NOT wait! I am going to make cinnamon rolls for Roomie and myself, I think it'll be a nice nostalgic touch while also being very tasty.
Well...I am going to surf the net now. This could be considered my Christmas shopping. I think insomnia is starting to grow on me....