Love and Other Impossible Pursuits

On my walk to work this morning I passed by a ton of movie tailors (and craft services - yum) on 71st between Madison and the Park. One of the tailors was stand-alone, bigger than the others and had a warning "dog inside" with the character name Emilia on it. Intrigued I was.

After hitting the office and trusty Google, I found out it is for the movie "Love and Other Impossible Pursuits" staring Natalie Portman as Emilia Greenleaf - a young woman who finds the key to recovering her marriage is her relationship with her precocious stepson. According to Variety Natalie took over the role after Jenny from the Block abruptly left the project.

Weird that those two would be up for the same role but I digress. Interesting way to start a Monday morning.

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