Pink is the new red...carpet

So as I was walking home Tuesday night, talking to Fasha, I passed the Pink Panther 2 movie premier at Ziegfeld Theater. You may know this little ole' movie that stars the one and only Steve Martin (who was VERY hilarious on SNL last weekend in case you didn't see it). I took a few photos...mind you, they were taken on my phone, so they aren't the best of quality.
Interesting tidbit: It seems as though my parents are lucky in my red carpet viewing experiences. I was talking to my mom when I saw the red carpet premier for Frost/Nixon, also at Ziegfeld Theater. Suppose I need to talk to my parents more when I walk by that theater!


More Gossip....

Saw more filming on 62nd and Madison this morning...

Perhaps I am "Gossip Girl" and I don't even know it.

I'm just sayin.


I gossip...and I'm a girl

Anyone up for a little Gossip?
This morning, Roomie gave me a heads up that the popular CW series Gossip Girl was filming on 73rd and Madison...a little place called Via Quadronno. I, who was a hurryin to work, did a little drive-by...only to see cameras galore, and trailors a crazy!

I didn't spot Blake, Penn or Chase...but low and behold...

People.com just posted this photo of Leighton Meester (characted Blair Waldorf) on set today. You may be asking yourself...that's a great blue bow-tie Blair, but what's that in your hands?
Well, if you squint real heard, you'll see that the bag has the outline of a flying pig...I'd assume the resturant's logo, wouldn't you?
Upon some research, I found that Via Quadronno's "logo" is quite similar? I would like to make a point here: Gossip Girl films where I walk to work. Therefore, shouldn't I be able to dress like Blake Lively and pull guys as cute as Chase Crawford?