Zen master

Soo...Zen Burger was okay. I got the bacon cheeesburger (but remember folks, all vegetarian!) for lunch and bought something for later because I'm essentially a fat kid. I was way more impressed with my second experience (bbq chicken wrap) that I had for dinner...a lot more tasty!

The only location is on 45th and Lexington, so it was a hike from work. Basically, it took my my whole lunch break to just walk to Zen and walk back. These lbs.* better be dropping pronto!

*Please note lbs. would drop faster if I didn't eat dessert for super. Heather and I split a brownie sundae AND apple pie ala mode last night. Go fat kids!


We're on the map!

If Lincoln (Abe, not the town of my high school) didn't do it successfully before, I think Obama just may put central Illinois back on the map! He'll be in the big city of Springfield (only 30 or so minutes from my amazing parents) on Saturday with his new running mate which will be hush, hush until that moment!

Obama: Making the Midwest Cool.


Reason #341 why I love living in NYC...

Zen Burger. I had this idea (no joke!) almost two years ago and it came to fruition via NYC. Only two locations in the US with the other being in Cali. I'm going to try it out today at lunch...I'll let you know how it is, but I think I'm going to love this place!
Vegetarian fast food: http://www.zenburger.com/.


Lia takes the cake

So...my awesome pal Lia just sent me an awsome blog that just became quite the addiction. It's a blog dedicated to horrible and funny cakes.http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/

I suggest all of you check this blog out...however...I feel the need to highlight this cake. Can anyone fathom where in the heck the inspiration for this cake came from....anyone? Anyone?

One more post...

I just went to the DMB Website to see what the band would say about LeRoi. This is the first screen that pulls up when you enter...

A sad day in music...

Unfortunately, this is one sad post. LeRoi Moore, founding member and saxophonist for my husband Dave Matthews, died last night due to an ATV accident from back in late June. What's crazy is that when Heather and I went to the Atlanta show in July...Dave had us all wish him well and to get better via camera. I was at a bar when I found out and my new found love, Schmitty the Bartender (yes he's Irish, accent and all!), played around 5 Dave songs in tribute. Ironically enough, he played "Bartender." Good man.

The Garden show is now a must for me.
You will be missed LeRoi!


MS&L Atlanta

I thought it was hard on Friday, but that was just the tip. Not only did my new NYC gig get me beautiful flowers, but my awesome Atlanta HWL team did as well and they are Uh-maze-ing! The office manager asked if Atlanta was trying to out do New York!

On a serious note...I loved my team...oh how I loved my team! How fortunate was I to work so well with such awesome girls (Sarah, Amelia, Kristal and Holly!) and with Papa Mike? It's going to be hard to beat!
Not that I could ever begin to list all of the things and reason of why I love this team, but here's some photos that may help you get the idea.

Atlanta MS&L board ------->
NewYork office (PCPR flowers to left, MS&L flowers to right)

First weekend in NYC

An email I shared with my Atlanta girls and brother re: Heather's and I's journey to NYC....more to come (we have no internet right now).

Heather and I got in the city around 1:30 pm (drove 8 hours on Friday, stayed in Staunton, VA for 4 horus and back on the road), but were in traffic to get to the Washington bridge until about 3:00. We drove it, got into the Upper East Side and onto our street. It was shaky at first (thought I ran into a car!), but we got our stuff moved in (just us two until the VERY end). We were exhausted, so we grabbed a pizza at Luigi's (<----ummm...awesome name of a restaurant for my first meal as a NYC resident) and watched some of the Olympics. We attempted to unpack, but passed out around 1:00 am or so.

I awake to a ticket ($115) on the truck, but figure, it all balances out after saving $500 on moving by going with Budget Trucks. Who cares...I'm in NYC...right? Right.

Okay - we take the truck to Harlem to return it and fill up the tank along the way. Gas station guys hit on us while we pump gas. No biggie. We know we're sexy.

We pull the truck up to the return place. Yah. We're done with it. Right. No.

After waiting for about 10 minutes behind a couple, the clerk goes to check out our truck to make sure there is no damage. He then backs it up to where I can see it from the office. Graffiti all of the driver side of the truck.

We didn't get insurance on it because I like to believe I'm invincible...so we were freaking out a bit. He then offered to act as though the graffiti happened after we dropped off the truck (even though it did) if we give him $40. I hand him a credit card and he says, "I thought you'd pay me in cash." Heather hands him two $20 bills. He writes the damage off.

We leave the place and look at the truck...the paint from the graffiti is still wet and actually dripping off of the truck. I think you can draw the conclusion.

So we got hasseled on our second day...but what's worse is that we high-fived each other and screamed "We are officially living in New York!"