Zen master

Soo...Zen Burger was okay. I got the bacon cheeesburger (but remember folks, all vegetarian!) for lunch and bought something for later because I'm essentially a fat kid. I was way more impressed with my second experience (bbq chicken wrap) that I had for dinner...a lot more tasty!

The only location is on 45th and Lexington, so it was a hike from work. Basically, it took my my whole lunch break to just walk to Zen and walk back. These lbs.* better be dropping pronto!

*Please note lbs. would drop faster if I didn't eat dessert for super. Heather and I split a brownie sundae AND apple pie ala mode last night. Go fat kids!


Shan said...

yay! i'm a fat kid, too!

Shan said...

let's eat pop tarts with ice cream and anything dipped in peanut butter tastes sooo much better!