I will not dwell...

But he played Crush AND Dancing Nancies again...and he played Grey Street...and he played Stay or Leave...and he played All Along the Watchtower...and he played Burning Down the House...and Satellite...and the Maker...and Bartendar...

Lovely show. Just lovely.


Oops I did it again...

Just bought a ticket to go see Dave tonight in Jersey... life is swell.

The Dreaming Tree in fact did not die....

**Warning, have not proofread yet**

Kids, it happened. Me. Dave. New York. Tour Opener. Dancing Nancies.

Interestingly enough, this is the #200 post for Peaches to Apples, and I couldn't think of a better way to use it! Last night was what dreams are made of...well Carly dreams that is.

During the show, Dave posed a question to me (and I suppose the others attending the show) - "Who starts a tour at Madison Square Garden?" Roomie and I were oh so proud to answer, "You do Dave, you do!"

Dave started the show with "Don't Drink the Water" and I tell you now, the better question would've been, "Who starts a tour at Madison Square Garden and proceeds to start the show with Don't Drink the Water." You do Dave...you do.

He went on to some more of my faves like "Cornbread." But then he started playing "Raven," a song that I hold near and dear to my heart in my NYC experience. I quickly ran to Roomie and said, "I know we're only about 3 songs in, but this may be one of the highlight of the night." I have never heard him play it, and it was nothing short of lovely.

It was then that I heard it, "Dudda dudda," "dudda dudda." The guy behind me (who is actually my soulmate it turns out) grabbed my shoulders and goes "I can't believe it!" for he knew what was about to happen.

For those of you who read the blog often or know me in general, it's been an ongoing battle between Dave and I for the song, "Dancing Nancies." Last summer, when I missed the Lousiville show because I was moving to NYC, he played it. Yet in the many shows I have been to, he has never played it for me. But I am so happy to say, that changed last night.

As soon as the band started it up, it was as though I could die (as soon as the song was over of course), and I wouldv'e died so incredibly happy. Roomie ran over to me and hugged me for she knew...oh she knew, what was happening. Once the song was done...Dave launched into "Pig" - are you kidding me sir?!

Although I am still coming down from the "Dancing Nancies" high, I will move on to the rest of the show because I tend to lose concentration when I think about this portion of the show. Do note, because I am not one to dwell or get dramatic, but Dave playing "Raven" followed by "Dancing Nancies" shorly followed by "Pig" was one of the most perfect moments in time. It is up there with the creation of fire.

The band went on to go into 3 news songs from the album, including "Funny the Way It is," (all AMAZING). I can NOT wait for the new album! He also went on to play "#41," "Two Step," and many other perfect classics. But then he asked Gregg Allman to the stage...and together they sang, "Melissa."

Okay kids. This means that Roomie and I have seen Dave and Gregg do "Melissa" twice (first time at Piedmont Park). This is a once-in-a-lifetime thing that they have seen twice...OMG.

He ended the first set with "Ants Marching," and hit the stage for an encore of "Sister" and "Tripping Billies (Eat, drink and be merry!)."

Mama is happy. I don't know that I can not deem this as the best show I've ever been to. I know I typically say that after each show of his that I attend, but this is for real. "Raven," "Pig," and "Dancing Nancies" pushed it over the limit. Tears of joy. Tears-of-joy.

Can I also mention that I was wearing my trusy and favorite owl necklace...yes...my owl bling. As we walked into the show, guess who has a new freaking shirt with an owl on it?!! Then as I was cruising for reviews from last night, came across this poster for a promotion - guess who is getting it?!

Oh David - You make me so happy.



The day has arrived. I am sitting in my DMB t-shirt from the '06 tour, listening to the new single, Funny the Way It Is, getting ready to order Thai. My Christmas/birthday has arrived.

First and foremost - download the new single! Dave is so sneaky. He knew how upset I was that the album wasn't coming out today, so he released a new single. Thank you Dave. Listen to it. Love it. It is truly great. I have it on repeat and truly love it!

Download at: http://www.rcarecords.com/cgi-bin/dm/download.pl

Second, thank you Roomie for getting me the link first. I had a late night and had to work early this morning so I could concentrate on DMB-goodness the rest of the afternoon. I took a short nap after I finished up work, and so when I awoke, there was two emails from Roomie, both in regards to Dave.

The first of the two was actually from Mama D who after reading the past few posts, said "Enjoy DMB tonight and help Carly keep her blood pressure in check. I wouldn't want her to collapse during the first song and miss the rest of the concert." Oh Mama D - the picture to the right is for you (the one on the right is for me - heyoh!). This is sure to be my face before, during and after the show, only I won't be red/tan from the sun, that will indeed be my blood pressure.

Last thing - tonight is THE night! I just got another wave of super excitement, so I can't type anymore. I must go dance to "Funny the Way It Is." But let me leave you with this: Tonight is sure to be magical.

Eat. Drink. Be Merry.

Download the song.


One more day...

Well kids, tomorrow is the big day, albeit not as big without the album release, but still just as amazing: DMB will kick off their Spring/Summer tour at the Garden tomorrow night with funkadilly opener, The Roots.

This show has been in my mind and heart for many months now, and I can't believe it is finally here. I took tomorrow off to baste in the new single (out tomorrow). I took Wednesday off to recover from the magic. Good times will be had. Oh yes, good times will be had.

This week, Billboard magazine has put the band on its cover with a really great article to accompany. The online version has a video that may make you tear up as the band talks about saxophonist LeRoi Moore who passed away last summer from an AV accident. The album, Big Whiskey and The GrooGrux King is in dedication to Moore and is being hyped as the band's best album yet.

Best quotes from the article (from Dave):

"I'm terrified as a songwriter, but maybe that helps me a little bit. On this album I didn't let myself off the hook, I was really determined to get as much right as I could. That's how I viewed the process: as a battle for the right songs and a battle for the process, and a battle for making a great record that Roi would have loved, as well as making a record that I will stand up and if someone tells me 'I don't like it' I can say "that's your problem, 'cause it's good, bro."

I have no doubt Dave. No doubt.

Also, the article shows that DMB is band #9 on the most albums sold list. This obviously does not include the new album, so they could easily move up several spots. Other bands on the list: The Beatles (#1), Pink Floyd (#3) and the Eagles (#6).

I am sure there will be plenty of DMB updates after the show, given that I don't spontaneously combust. This is just one more reason why I love New York - I get to see my man open his tour at the Garden - life is grand, isn't it?

Meanwhile, check it out the article and awesome video at: