Nooooo! Shut your pie hole and say it ain't so.

ABC has canceled Pushing Daisies (along with Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money). Why is it that good TV can't stay on the tube?!

According to executive producer Bryan Fuller, the facts are these: "It's very likely that Pushing Daisies will end after episode 13, which as you know, is a cliffhanger. But we are talking to DC Comics about doing comic books that will wrap up our storylines, and I already have a pitch for a [big-screen] movie ready to go."

Will Ned ever get to touch Chuck (or Digby) again, will Emerson Cod ever find his daughter, will those kooky aunts -- umm, aunt and mother -- ever reunite with Chuck and what about Olive, will she overcome her crush on Ned and move on?

I need answers and a piece of pie.

Review: Boot, Scootin & Boogie...

At last, I have fallen in love. It only took me 4 months in the City, but it has happened. I couldn't be more happy, and I want to share my joy with all of you. You may be asking yourselves who is this mystery love that gives Carly goosebumps and butterflies? Who has been the star of her daydreams...skipping in hand down Broadway with the sun shining and the birds chirping?
Two Boots. Two Boots pizza has been kicked my butt in love overdrive. Pun intended.

Roomie & I have decided to start reviewing the awesome (or not) restaurants we check out in the City since we do love to eat. I have a strong notion she will review the place we have our eyes set on for Sunday, so I thought it would be appropriate that I start out with this pizza joint that I like to call heaven.

It reminds me of Mellow Mushroom, but even better. With pizza names like "The Newman" (a mix of Italian sausages, it's a Seinfeld fave), "Tony Clifton" (Andy himself would be proud to munch on this veggie classic), "The Dude" (Cajun Bacon Cheeseburger Pie fit for only the big Lebowski and my brother Scott) and "Mr. Pink" (Buscemi-licious I'm sure), Two Boots is pizza for pop culture's finest. http://www.twoboots.com/TW2008/Menus08/Grand1.html

Roomie and I tried our own mix with the "Orchidia," which allows you to choose 5 toppings. With that, we ran and we ran hard! We're talking eggplant (perfectly cooked I must say), roasted peppers (a yummy variety of yellow and red), sun-dried tomatoes, onion and Jalapeno pesto...yes folks you read it right...Jalapeno pesto. Completely delicious. Every bite was heaping with veggies...there was never a bite where you thought "I should've strategically moved these onions and peppers to the left corner of my slice so it wasn't only cheese that I bit into." I liked it so much, I called Two Boots to let them know. I think they thought I was calling to complain but when I said it was the best pizza I've had in the City, I heard a smile. Oh yes, I heard the smile.
My review is 5 out of 5 Bobbie Flays.


President-elect 2016

Best reaction to the Newsweek article yet...

"Scott McLean officially denounces any involvement of starring & judging towards vegetarian Carly McLean at Thanksgiving 2008. Scott McLean has a clear record towards the veggie community. He continues to drink V8 and is a proud V8 lover. Also is the only active McLean willing to give a holiday to all veggies."

Scott McLean for President 2016
- a greener America -

That's my roommate folks...

As her publicist, please allow me to introduce to you Newsweek's latest star Carly McLean!

That's right, Newsweek has featured Carls in "A Recipe For A Family Fight: At Thanksgiving, vegetarians and vegans object to the menu (and the heckling), while other relatives feel family traditions are being scorned."

With sound bites like:
...She remembers her family looking at her as if she had grown a horn or a third eye during that (first) meal.
It's just a matter of time until The New York Times and Wall Street Journal knocks on our door to spice up their articles McLean-style. What, what!

And you gotta love the big shout out to Jimmy Mack, who if we have a say will get his own show on The Food Network -- watch out Bobby, we're coming for ya:
...While that first Thanksgiving was "pretty rough," her dad has been incredibly accommodating. Last year, the two went grocery shopping for the dinner together and he pointed out all the vegetarian products he was buying. He made the stuffing without giblets and left the bacon off of their seven-layer salad. "The thing that was really cool was some of those recipes are family tradition, going back three or four generations," says McLean. "So for him to switch that up, and make changes, was really big."

Yep folks, that's my roomie!



Proof is in the puddin...

Someone get me a trip to Vegas cause I'm money and I know it. :)



This is not something to brag about but yeah, I called that from day one...
...Brenda working her way into the Kelly / hot teacher story line.

And with Carls as my witness, I called the new 90210 bastard son as not being the actual bastard son.

Basically what I'm saying is, Melrose Place (take two) if you're hiring writers look no further. Have your people call my people.

Let us ponder...

So as I did my daily ritual of stalking my friends' awesome blogs (Lia's 'Second Look,' Nichole's 'Gone with the Wine' and the latest, Shannon's 'Sparkle Meets Domestics' & 'Sparkle Meets Sporty' - all on our bloglist!), I realized Shannon threw me a shout out last week that I totally overlooked.

I want to first say how awesome this is that she's promoting Roomie and myself, and I thank her. She's a a super cool girl and a colleague of mine (only on the exceptionally awesome weekends that is), so again, thank you Shannon.

But I must ask her this: Why must you label the post where you mention our blog as "Mindless Day" and then tag the post as "Pointless Stories?" It makes me wonder Shannon, it really does.


Bring on the sexy.

It's that time again -- time for People to stop making Carly's head spin with Jessica Simpson "news" and focus on the
Sexiest Man Alive for 2008.

You know who has the roomies' votes...

... while we question People's taste anyways, here's hoping!

Regardless, who do you think will get this year's honor? Brad has been in the news a lot lately with all those babies and has a movie coming out but does he really need title number three? What about that new "Twilight" guy, Robert Pattinson? He has a lot of buzz surrounding him but is he too green? Or there's Gavin Rossdale. His solo album's been out for a while but People loves hot dads and ahmm, Gavin's hot. Would they dare to pick Barack? JFK Jr. has graced the over but that's as close as it's come to the political front.

Either way, it's time for Matt Damon to pass the torch. How do you like them apples?!

I am not a crook...

So I can officially say that I saw (not walked unfortunately) my first red carpet on my way home last night. It was for "Frost/Nixon" which until that point, I had not heard of, but now know it's directed by Ron Howard and stars Kevin Bacon (not as Nixon thank Zeus).

The movie is already getting Oscar buzz so I guess I should've paid more attention instead of talking my poor mom's ear off.

P.S. Kevin Bacon's name in the film is also the name of the Cincy Bengals PR Director...interesting....


To Jersey and back...

Heather and I had quite the interesting day on Saturday. We attempted to create our own fate by attending SNL with host Paul-icious Rudd and Beyonce. We woke up early (even though I was under the weather) and waited for stand-by tickets in the rain. What was worse was that we had to listen to motormouth behind us talk about how he spends 95% of his cash at bars and the other 5% on rent...sounds like a catch to me.

We trucked it back home (still in the rain) and for the first Saturday in my New York life, I was actually productive. I uploaded three CDs to my MP3 player (DMB's Busted Stuff & two Neil Young CDs my girl Sarah made for me!), and then renamed lots of songs that weren't originally labeled on my player (they came from burnt CDs). I noticed that 9 out of 10 of them were probably produced in 1963 and it made me happy...lots of early Beatles stuff and Bobby Vee. Love it.

I then went to the gym (wowza!) and when I came home...Heather and I went decided to travel to the great land of Jersey City to go to Target. Yes...Target. So we did just that and it was needless to say, an adventure. I feel for those who commute into the city because the PATH is idiotic.

We walked around Jersey City for a bit (and by walking around I mean in circles) before grabbing a bite...we needed ammo for our Target extravaganza. We shopped Target like no tomorrow - oh how I had missed it! It truly is the bullseye to my heart. We saved major bucks by stocking up on everyday things (paper towels, foil, etc), but also loaded up for our Thanksgiving feast...woo-woo!

And then Roomie and I's luck stuck. We got caught in the rain as we carried back our Target purchases. We were soaked by the time we got into our apt...but we couldn't soak (err...sulk) for long because we had to see if our stand-by SNL tickets would be redeemed!

So we got hot like usual and head to Rockefeller. Raining again.

We wait in line (with motormouth behind us again) for an hour and unfortunately, no Pauly for us. What was worse is that Justin Timberlake ended up making a special appearance with some funny skits...booo.
Mad that Paul didn't get to meet us and that I didn't get to step with Beyonce, we went to drink our sorrows away (I however was good...tummy didn't want alcohol). We ended the night with a free cab ride and Heather's pretzel. Good times had by all.


Win, lose or draw

Well the Bengals didn't lose this week...nor did they win. Perplexing isn't it?

Thanks to my man Hoosh - we were able to go from being tragic to just below average...woo-woo!

"Birds, Bengals play to league's first tie since 2002"