Fasha is ice cold!

Fasha is chilly!! Notice his comment to Roomie's post regarding the temp:

"It was -13 yesterday am with a 20 mph breeze a high -3 and -16 this am, how that's. Fasha"

Fasha: For braving the -13 degree weather yesterday (and for those who don't know, the poor guy has to be at work at like 5:30 am or something crazy like that!!), and for another day of having to work in grossy Josie -16 degree weather....I salute you!

18 degrees is a hella lot better than -16!

P.S. Please note that this -16 degree business doesn't help the "Carly should move to Chicago in a few years" case.


From peaches to apples it seems to be cold everywhere...

But to brave this chilling front (and hopefully passing trend) I may soon be forced to take a tip from Randy.


UK's Back Alright!

Slowly but surely UK basketball is coming back to life...check out what Junior Jodie Meeks pulled off this week.


• Meeks' 54 points are the most by a single player in any regulation game in the past decade.

• No player from a "BCS" conference had scored this many points since Arizona State's Eddie House went for 61 in an overtime game against California in 2000.

• Six Division I teams scored fewer points than Meeks Tuesday night. Memphis, the 2008 national runner-up, outscored Meeks by a point. Kentucky itself scored 54 points in a win over West Virginia back on Nov. 29.

*Stats taken by Pat Forde of ESPN.com


The Big Apple?

I am back in the world and already experiencing the backlash. It has indeed been way too long since I've been about town. It seems as though inflation has already gone through the roof and here is my proof (poet and didn't know it):

Today I did not bring my lunch to work as I had lunch plans with a colleague. However, since the plans were postponed, I was forced to go hunting and find something to eat. I decided that I'd not only be healthy, but cheap as well. With this clever idea, I went to Duane Reade (New York's Walgreens) and bought some Healthy Choice soup for $3 or so. I knew that I would not eat it all and therefore it would become two $1.50 meals. Genius!

I then decided that I needed a piece of fruit to accompany my deliciously cheap meal, and that I could well afford an apple. In my new found cockiness, I strutted into a little market across from work and picked me out a red apple. Shiny and round.

I checked myself out in its reflection, really feeling awesome about my previous thrifty and healthy transaction. By the purchase of the soup and now this apple, I was taking on two resolutions at once: Lose the extra lbs and save the mula. I was at the height of my resolution making.

It wasn't until the clerk repeated herself that I realized that she was speaking to me: "That'll be $1.25." Of course, this statement was recited in that snarky New Yorker fashion that I typically find amusing when not used on me.

$1.25 for one apple. Count it...one. I know New York is the "Big Apple," but c'mon...this is stretching a bit, don't you think?

The inclusion of this apple bumped my lunch up to almost $5.00. Yes folks, I do realize that with the splitting of the soup, it is merely averaging out to only a bit above $3.00, but it was the fact of the matter. Here I was, too shocked to remove myself out of line, paying $1.25 for ONE apple that I would enjoy in only ONE sitting. This was too much for me to take.

I decided to list some items below that one can purchased for less than $1.25...and I promise you, a mere ONE apple won't make that list.

Items that cost less than the obnoxious $1.25 New York apple:

  • Green apple Jollyrancher (long version): $.80
  • One song from Apple itunes: $.99 cents
  • Cinnamon apple muffin: $1.09
  • Apple juice: $1.19

I think you get my point here. All I have to say is if I'm spending $1.25 on ONE mere, everyday-Joe apple...how much would I need to spend to get one mango?


New York City is for walkers

It seems as though this city just isn't the same when walking hurts.
Check Spelling

My first attempt at leaving the casa (minus a cabbie) in almost 2 weeks was a semi-success. My points of success criteria were as follows:

- Do not fall over (although I did trip on 6th Ave.)

- Do not get stepped on (although subway passengers came very close)

- Do not cry

Not that I was looking for it, but I did not receive much sympathy from the New Yorkers on their way to whatever they had going on this chip, cheery morning. Instead, there was a lot of sighing, a lot of rushing by me and a lot of cutting me off to get around me. I can not be mad at them as I did the same when I was a two foot walking machine...and I will probably do it again once my foot is back to normal. So much for lesson learned huh?
Long story short - New York is not nearly the magic place when you are poor and lacking mobility.