When he was 64...

So here's the low down - Mama was sick. Mama had called off work because she had worked almost 4 weeks straight, and it had finally caught up with her. I had awoken to a damaging headache and weak stomach ache, but received a call from Roomie that my Paulie was playing the Letterman show. Umm...hello...next door to where we work. Go figure.
I jumped into action. I slept for 3 hours, drank OJ like no other and did the best I could to better myself before 4 pm. I then cabbed it to Broadway to see the man who opened so many musical windows for me. Paul "effin" McCartney. The man. The legend. The Beatle. OMG, OMG, OMG. Let me just say this: There would be no Dave Matthews-lovin if it weren't for this man (and 3 other lads just as talented). I swear to you, he has been essential to my being. True it was Richie Valens (Richard Valenzuela if you're nasty) who jumpstarted it, but my view of music forever changed at age 11 when John, Paul, George and Ringo entered my life. In 4th grade my friends were annoyed when I tried to play "Help!" and "Hard Days Night" at slumber parties. In 5th grade, I taught friends "Yellow
Submarine" during recess to which we changed to "Pink Submarine, "Blue Submarine" and such. Because of these four men, my music life has formed the way it has. I remember my aunt taking me to a record store in Peoria, IL (that had a mural of Beatles of course) to get 45s (for those who don't know, small records basically). I would get 45s from the Beau Brummels to the Kinks, but always had to get some token Beatles - amazing. My love for Paul purely comes from Mama and Aunt Becky, so I thank them and wish nothing short that they had experienced what I just did.
This is my first experience with Paul - on stage (a top the Sullivan Theater's Marquis) - hitting Sullivan theater for the first time since '64 when he was joined by John, George and Ringo. OMG. OMG. OMG.
Can I put this in the atmosphere? Paul plays Ed Sullivan Theater (next door to work) within one year of me arriving to New York. Paul hasn't played it since '64. I'm just sayin. I have proof that Paul is not dead.
P.S. Oh yeah, Bruce Willis was next to me.
P.S.S. And I have more pics and video (woo-hoo), so will post them when we have internet that works.