Nothing much to this post except this:

On my way home on Wednesday, I spotted a man, much like the one in this photo, wearing a black leotard, running shoes and his hair up in a bun. He had earphones in and was jogging in place near a curb...waiting to cross the street. I was in shock as I shared this scene with my mom who was on the phone with me at the time. What could be better than the sight of a middle-aged man in a black leotard jogging in place in December?

It was a thong-leotard.


Early Christmas!!!

I just received an email much to my delight - it makes me such a happy girl!!!

We will be announcing the first Dave Matthews Band tour dates of 2009 on Monday, December 15, 2008. This tour will mark the first time that Dave Matthews Band will perform songs from forthcoming studio album due this spring. Warehouse members will have the first opportunity to request tickets for the spring shows. (Hint: I am a Warehouse member)
Is it me or does Dave look distrubingly hot with his distressed look?

Santa is real....he really is!!!
*Please note that my birthday is Dec. 29...I will be accepting tickets to any show within a 5 hour drive. That's right...I went there.

Review: Jack Talk Thai Very Well

Yesterday Carly and I did something that we very rarely do, ate lunch away from our cubes. We broke free and boy was it worth it. As I sit here today, in cube land, eating my leftovers I decided Q2 Thai needs a shout out. Both my tummy and wallet love their lunch special.

For $7 (from 11:30a.m. – 3:30p.m.) you get a salad, appetizer and entrée. The salad is small but the dressing is delish and my app of choice was the vegetarian spring roll – you get two little guys in a sweet chili sauce – yum! The entrée size is generous and I could have eaten those Drunken Noodles for days … well I guess I did. http://q2thainyc.com/menu.html

The outside of Q2 Thai is unassuming but once you enter the joint has a neon glow and modern vibe. If you are in the area (on 9th Ave btw 52nd & 53rd) stop in, the wait staff is friendly and the service is quick but the tasty food at a great value is what won me over.
I'm pretty sure even the chairman would approve.

My review is 4 out of 5 Morimotos


And isn't it ironic...

Does Carrie Fisher realize that if she'd turned down her Princess Leia role back in '77 that we wouldn't be reading this article because we wouldn't know who the hell she is?

Carrie Fisher: I wish I’d turned down ‘Star Wars’

Northern Hospitality

So it's no secret that since moving here, I have taken four steps back in my financials to the time of my college days. I am again working off of my college grocery shopping theory of only purchasing food items that cost $1.00 or less*. I am proud to say that I have been creative with getting food over the last few days. I'm like a ninja in the City, fighting for survival. Upper East Side survival.

Monday I decided I could afford a slice of pizza (but only cheese mind you), so I went to a place right around the corner from me. PizzaNova. I ordered the deliciousness, but only to find out that they do not take debit or credit cards for purchases under $10 (it came to $2.30). Crap! I didn't have it in me to locate some ATM on such a freezing night, so I said that I would have to forgo the cheesy-goodness. All I could think was, "Please Zeus, I can not eat another biscuit!" It was then that the New York Pizza Gods smiled down on me.

The Italian stallion making the pizza pies looked at me and said, "No, no, you take the pizza. I know you're good for it. You come back another time and pay. You take the pizza." Please note that the sentence was stated in a thick Italian accent that I could hardly understand but in the same right felt cool for hearing. His buddy confirmed the offer that I couldn't refuse.

There it was. What the South is attributed for and what I was told I would lose if I moved here. Hospitality. And damn, it never tasted so good!

I will be back to repay them for that delish slice of pie. I invest quite a bit of money in pizza and they were smart to help this girl out. They will soon be a Fortune 500 company after I am through with them...that is if I ever get money to buy their pizza.

*Please note that inflation has increased the grocery purchasing amount of $1.00 to $5.00.


Mayday, Mayday

Mamacita does not feel good today. You may ask yourself, "Why are you at work today Carly, if you don't feel well?"

I would have to reply I could not tell you. I'm pretty sure my standing in -56 degree weather to watch an iffy Beatles cover band may have led to the crapiness I feel today. Also...since we have no food and I'm too broke (and lazy) to go get groceries, my lunch & dinner yesterday consisted of biscuits. That's right, biscuits. Some with butter, some with jelly, but all just the same. My sad attempt at veggie burgers didn't work, so just biscuits.

On a related note...donations to "Don't let Carly die of malnourishment" can be made out in my name.