Did I start this?

There is no need for me to protest the pink jersey...only feet away from me she declares that she has finally seen the light...

"Jessica Simpson has a theory about why she's been blamed for "jinxing" the Dallas Cowboys: the color pink.

Last year Simpson, 28, was nicknamed "Yoko Romo" by Cowboys fans who believed she's bad luck to boyfriend Tony Romo's football performance. On Thursday night, she told David Letterman that she'll never again wear her pink No.9 jersey to games.

Referring to the "jinx drama", Jessica said: "I really think it’s because I was wearing a pink No. 9 jersey and not a blue one."



First things first, how much do I love my roomie's post: http://peachestoapples.blogspot.com/2008/09/my-roomie-fabulous.html
Made my day!

But nothing says welcome to New York better than 'you're going to Fashion Week.' If you told me this is what lied ahead I would have called you a liar. Who knew?! ... yeah, that's a who knew for ya. However, it was true and there I am - in the mix. Yep, that's me sitting second row behind Mel B, her super hot hubby and Aubrey O'Day from Danity Kane about to watch Kreesha Turner perform...
Needless to say, the past couple of days have been a whirlwind. However, I wouldn't change a thing. I got to see some great shows, meet some incredible people -- from designers, to models, to media, to celebs -- and was part of a legendary NY event ... all in my first three weeks of entering this magical city. (Did I mention I need more sleep? Bare with me on the fluff and flair.) It was also great for bonding with my new team and exploring the city.

Regardless, here are some other fun pictures...

By the way, I have to say, Nigel freaking Barker is even more goregous in person. And that accent, forget about it. While I'm dishing, Khloe is also so skinny and super sweet. Stay tuned for the upcoming season of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" is all I'm sayin.
And here are some recognizable reality TV models walking at a variety of shows...

All in all it's been a good week - fashion shows, after parties, Dave concert at The Garden, had a bottle of wine delivered to the apartment last night. Yeah, life is good.


Dreams do come true

Sorry for the late post...been really busy at work since I skidadled to Dave instead of working last night.

So the show...where do I start...where do I begin?!

First, let me give you the amazing set list Dave did last night...best show I've ever gone to. Hands down.

Set List

  • Don’t Drink the Water (started the night out right...made first call to my Dave-buddy Angie...also had told Heather I hope he plays this earlier in the night)
  • Proudest Monkey (fun little diddy)
  • Satellite (second call to Angie)
  • So Damn Lucky (almost cried...he talked about his father who he lost to lung cancer and then started this song...if you know the words...you know why I was in tears)
  • Corn Bread (danced this mother out)
  • Burning Down The House (rocked it!!! Such a good version! Youtube it folks.)
  • Spoon (joined by Ingrid Michaelson...she didn't stand her own.)
  • Stay Or Leave (could NOT believe he played this....it totally made it okay he didn't play Dancing Nancies...freaking LOVE this SONG!)
  • Eh Hee (I think it revived poor Heather who was going off of no sleep!)
  • Water Into Wine (didn't know it, but thought it was clever to start #41)
  • #41 (Shut it down Matthews! Called Angie again.)
  • Louisiana Bayou (got down with my bad self again)
  • Sledgehammer (I told Heather I wanted him to play this again...and he killed it!)
  • Crash Into Me (the romantic side of Dave...singing to me of course)
  • Two Step (Kidding me? #41 and Two Step? Life is grand.)
  • Anyone Seen The Bridge (nice little instrumental)
  • Too Much Intro (oh you tease David...oh you tease)
  • Ants Marching (Had told Heather that this was my pump-up song while I was working with the Bengals...now may have to be for the Jets as well!)
  • Too Much (but tease not for long!)
  • *All Along The Watchtower (best version of this song since Jimmy!)
So I sound crazy and that's okay. I'll take that. This show was beyond amazing. Oh yeah...Julia Roberts introduced them. No Brad Pitt. That picture is from last night (above).
Some other famous people were there... (http://www.okmagazine.com/news/view/8964)

A lot of solos.

One last thing. Since this was their last show of the tour, they all rocked it out. At one point in the show (So Damn Lucky), Dave just went into his own world and stayed there. The band kept trying to reel him in, but no, they couldn't. They finally started laughing and let him do his thing.

Can I say it? I loved it.

Taking a moment to reflect and pay respect


Barack is next door

Barack is at the Letterman show with hundrends of police man, media, fans and foes (policemen on the roof of buildings too!) and Dave is in 3 hours...just thought you'd want to know the status of my life.


"As if Dave Matthews in concert wasn't enough, there may be huge surprise guests Sept. 10 at Madison Square Garden. We hear both Brad Pitt and Matthews-bud Julia Roberts will come onstage at the Stand Up for a Cure benefit, and 300 9/11 first responders, some struggling with cancer and lung diseases, will be in the audience. Jordan Belkin, director of the lung cancer research charity, said: "We're honored to have these heroes" in the house the night before the anniversary." - http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/2008/08/27/2008-08-27_celebrity_side_dish.html

Wow. Whoa. Yowza.

Christmas Morning...

My brother and I have now had both of our Christmas mornings early - his was Sunday, the official start to NFL and mine..today..with Dave Matthews at the Garden!
Heather is going off negative hours of sleep, so I thank her for allowing me to drag her to see him!

I looked at his last couple of shows and he didn't play Dancing Nancies on his last performance...meaning....that he may play it for me tonight! See, he punished me back in August when I missed the Louisville show...but I'm back and he better reward me! ;)

Remember now...Julia will be there too!

On another fun note - Heather will have the best "Roomie Sez" of all time in the next few days...you will WANT to read it!


My Roomie o' Fabulous!

You may know the lovely and sexy Nigel Baker as a judge from America's Next Top Model. I just know him as the guy who stares down my roomie with dreamy eyes...

Heather's at Fashion Week hanging with beautifuls and making it onto blogs:


Yeah...she's my roomie.

Another Dave...

So last night as I started my walk home, I saw a crowd formed in front of bright lights (it was dark at this point) and high-jump gear set-up. It was set-up on 53rd and Broadway. It was a Dave Letterman stunt!

I walked over and made my way through the crowd to see a man wearing what looked like an Olympic uniform...talking to a camera. The crowd was silent. It was peculiar...but I decided to go on home...I was tired and more importantly, hungry.

As I walked away...everyone started cheering....but not that I was walking away because who would be happy about that? No...I believe Dave finished talking to the man and I missed the high jump he did. I just saw the landing.

I jumped on Dave's Website today to check out what I saw/didn't see. But have since forgetten because tomorrow (Dave Matthews Day!)...Barak Obama will be next door to me. Literally.

This week's guests:

Wednesday, September 10
Democratic Presidential Nominee Sen. Barack Obama
LeBron James (USA Olympic Basketball Gold Medalist)

Thursday, September 11
Jessica Simpson (CD, "Do You Know")
"Jungle" Jack Hanna


Friday, September 12
Meg Ryan (The Women)
Ricky Gervais (Ghost Town)

And note...I do not care that Jessica Simpson will be next to on Thursday. I actually would like to call in sick...or protest the show with my sign "Women Against Pink Jerseys!"

If I had it all...

So reason #431 why my Atlanta boss, Mike, is so awesome! I told him about Dave's concert to raise money for lung cancer...and this is what he came back with!

And notice he even used a Dave song as the caption...nicely done!


Weeks # 2 & # 3 recap

So I had an interesting weekend that consisted of a boy from Denmark, Heather at Fashion Week and myself in Connecticut with the cutest 3 and now 5-year old kids ever! I'm only going off of about 4 hours of sleep but will try and summarize the highlights of the past couple of weeks! Once I get some coffee and a bit of Zzzs tonight...you'll get the inside scoop!

Weeks 2 & 3
  • Saw Stephen King walking with the shirt, "Be Nice to Me or I'll Put You in My Book"
  • Saw America's Next Top Model that should've never won, Whitney
  • I angered a married man from Canada when I wouldn't comply with his idea of "open marriage"...all while hanging out at The Hog Pit in the Meat-Packing District
  • Stopped by the Today Show to watch the New Kids and Ne-Yo...on my way to work of course
  • Paid a sickening amount for dry cleaning that I didn't even know could be charged for dry cleaning
  • Ate pizza in Central Park while the city did sound tests for the NFL pregame show with Usher, Keith Urban, Natasha Bedingfield and more (Columbus Circle)
  • Got Dave Matthews tickets (at the Garden!) and realized the show is not only to raise money for cancer research...but lung cancer research (my former boss is currently dealing with lung cancer)
  • Chose Boston as my stomping grounds for my first 5k (I know people...it's not a lot, but for me...it may as well be a marathon!)
  • Ate a lot of good food and discovered the bliss of Peanut Butter Cup Perfect in a quart
  • Joined a gym and have yet to visit
  • Beat my walk from 80th to Grand Central Station (walking by the UN on my way) by walking from 80th to Soho (that's a long walk folks)
  • Fell in love with the Grand Central Station market
  • Met a boy from Denmark that stole my heart who loved Dumb and Dumber
  • Spent a sickening amount of money on only 4 drinks at Sutton Place while Heather and I were hit on a young Joe Simpson
  • Ate the most amazing cheese fries on my life in Alphabet City
  • Kentucky beat Louisville, but the Bengals couldn't even beat a drum
  • Tom Brady is more than likely out for the season (and therefore will not be playing this week's Jet's home game which I was so hoping he would!)
  • Attended my niece's birthday party in Connecticut and hung out with the family...fell in love with my nephew Nicolas (Age 3) who melted my heart when he asked me, "Aunt Carly...what do you want to be when you grow up?" <---picture that in the cutest voice possible!
  • Roomie hung out at Fashion Week with many stars of Bravo...and will be there for a few more days...my roomie is saucy

Think that wraps that up. Looking forward to Wednesday and possibly a little 9/11 tribute on Thursday...game on Sunday....