Another Dave...

So last night as I started my walk home, I saw a crowd formed in front of bright lights (it was dark at this point) and high-jump gear set-up. It was set-up on 53rd and Broadway. It was a Dave Letterman stunt!

I walked over and made my way through the crowd to see a man wearing what looked like an Olympic uniform...talking to a camera. The crowd was silent. It was peculiar...but I decided to go on home...I was tired and more importantly, hungry.

As I walked away...everyone started cheering....but not that I was walking away because who would be happy about that? No...I believe Dave finished talking to the man and I missed the high jump he did. I just saw the landing.

I jumped on Dave's Website today to check out what I saw/didn't see. But have since forgetten because tomorrow (Dave Matthews Day!)...Barak Obama will be next door to me. Literally.

This week's guests:

Wednesday, September 10
Democratic Presidential Nominee Sen. Barack Obama
LeBron James (USA Olympic Basketball Gold Medalist)

Thursday, September 11
Jessica Simpson (CD, "Do You Know")
"Jungle" Jack Hanna


Friday, September 12
Meg Ryan (The Women)
Ricky Gervais (Ghost Town)

And note...I do not care that Jessica Simpson will be next to on Thursday. I actually would like to call in sick...or protest the show with my sign "Women Against Pink Jerseys!"

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