Will he ever forgive me?!

Umm...in a strange turn of events, I didn't go see my future husband at the Letterman show today...just steps from where I work. I took the day off to do my best to see him, and failed. I'm now at home and am actually feeling under the weather. I think I may skip trying to stalk his entry to the show (on 53rd). Gasp! I know...I know. First I don't go to Jones Beach last week, then I don't even see him next door to work...what is wrong with me?!

Dave, I'm sorry, and I love you. My tummy hurts, it looks like rain is coming, and I didn't get tickets. Sometimes you have to meet me in the middle...like Paul did. Play the marquis already!

Anyways, I'll be watching you tonight - see you in Fresno and Chi-town.