Leaving on a jet plane - ok a bus - heading home for the holidays. PA here I come, it's been a long time.

What will NYC do with both roomies out of town?

Don't worry we will be back soon to rock New Years Eve and we're bringing reinforcements!!


Baby it's cold outside...

Well I have arrived to my old stomping grounds, but it hasn't been easy. After a cancelled flight, I came home to no power. But it's all okay, family love warms you right up!

On a non-awesome note...it was -1 today....................

That's about all I have to say really...more to come later. I see Roomie is holding the blog down - good job Roomster!

Oh yes, Piven, high mercury levels? Seriously?


The snow started coming down on Friday and it seems as if the chill is here to stay.

Yesterday my goal was to finish up Christmas shopping come hell, high water, snow or freezing rain. So to prep I uploaded some holiday tunes on my MP3 player, bundled up and braved the world. I took the train down to Canal St. and worked my way up the shops in SoHo, NoHo and Union Square.

The Union Square open air holiday market had some awesome booths but the snow was starting to chill my bones so I enlisted the help of my friend Peppermint Mocha to pick me up. With that, I'm pretty sure I checked out each vendor multiple times as I worked my way through the maze of shops. However, after that I ditched my plan to walk to Bryant Park and check out their stores. Instead I hoped on the train, so I could get the feeling back in my feet, made my way back to the UES and finished shopping on my home turf.

The weather outside is still frightful but tis the season.