Please let free tickets fall on my door step.
Please let free tickets fall on my door step.

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Town Hall
Nov 8



City observations

I just had to note why this City cracks me up.

In the past two days I've seen a man in a suit riding his unicycle to work (nice looking one too...the guy, not the unicycle), a dog in a raincoat, a foreign woman taking a picture of a tow truck who was very excited about it, and finally...a lady talking on the phone who said, "Bitch please, her husband is mad because she bought the $1000 bag without telling him."

Yes, it is a crazy world here, but full of free entertainment...all before 9:00 am.

P.S. I think the husband has good reason to be mad.


Oh what a night...

Building onto the post below, I wanted to share some pics of the City last night. After work, Heather and I headed over to Rockefeller Center (thanks to mom!) to check out the "Election Plaza" and to get our free scoop of Ben & Jerry's. With ice cream in hand, we saw NBC prepping the skating rink to add the states to (not sure if you saw that if you watched the coverage), as well as camera crews with their state-by-state stats in addition to countless people super engaged in what the night would bring. It was really great to see so many people invested in an election...no matter who they voted for.


History in the making

I am not one to wear politics on my sleeve but nonetheless feel I must address tonight. Can you believe that we have elected the first African-American president and that my grandchildren will be reading this in their history books? Democrat, Republican, Black or White...it is historic indeed.

Heather and I stopped by Rockefeller Center to check out the pre-election madness and spent the night eating good ole fashion American food and enjoying election coverage...so awesome to part of it all!!


Mic check one, two, one, two.

I figure you are all experiencing enough suspense with the Presidential elections that I shouldn't hold out in unveiling our Halloween costumes any longer. Hints have been "tricky" and we are always "raising hell" so I can see where some confusion may clog your thought process.

Regardless, drum roll please .... Run, D.M.C. and Jam Master Jay were in full effect this hallows eve as we took Capitale by storm. The kicker, Rev Run himself made an appearance and approved of our costumes. He actually commented on Carly, err, D.M.C.'s chain saying he has one himself. Good times, good times.

In other fun weekend news, Kim and I went to the CBS Early Show to catch Pink perform for free. She sang three songs and more importantly had on the hottest shoes. I would have killed myself just trying to walk down the street in them but not Pink. She was dancing around like no one's business.

Moving on, and boy did we see moving, the NYC marathon was amazing to witness. The massive amount of people running was out of control. They say pain is temporary, pride is forever and after watching that I just may believe it.
However, the people who turned out to support the runners were awesome too. From handing out bananas to yelling runners' names it felt like everyone was in it together. I mean, I pretended to run. :) Might be as close as I get.

Why I outta...

When I make my millions by opening a pizza shop named "The Warehouse" where I serve my world-famous "Tripping Chili's" pizza, I am going to buy out People Magazine and fire the person who continues to ruin my online celebrity gossip reading experience with this crap:

Jessica Simpson Says Tony Romo 'Saved Me'

This is also my last post about that witch woman because I realize I am only helping her in some strange way by talking about her (or as some would say obsessing over her stupidity). Zeus save my soul for doing so.
Goodbye lame little blond girl. You suck.

Genius thought!!

So for my last post, I began looking for pics of the Dave Matthews Ben & Jerry's flavor because again, we always need to bring it back to Dave.

I found all the pics I posted here and it just dawned on me. Ben & Jerry may be two of the greatest geniuses of our time. Think about it. They mixed my first and second loves together: Dave Matthews & Ice Cream. Genius!

Kudos to Ben & Jerry for being so damn smart.

I've been inspired to make a new Dave Matthews pizza (my third love). I think the pizza will have feta cheese, onions, sun-dried tomatoes on top of mozzarella and some good chili peppers.

I will call the pizza: "Tripping Chillies." Genius.


"Starbucks, Ben & Jerry's, Krispy Kreme offer voters goodies"


Guess who is taking advantage of her right to vote? With my Starbucks in hand, I'm already dreaming of my Ben & Jerrys/Krispy Kreme lunch.