Tis the season to start holiday shopping and I'm calling this as one of the must-have gifts this year. The 10-year-old me would be stoked. Who am I kidding, the *cough*-year-old me wishes I had $$$ to make a purchase for someone on my nice list.

Ready for this? The Muppets Studio has teamed up with FAO Schwarz to create The Muppet Whatnot Workshop at their 5th Avenue flagship NYC store! Not in the city? Don't hate, you can click on the link to play around and make your own muppet regardless of where you are ... http://www.fao.com/catalog/factories/muppets.jsp

How cool is that?! You can choose from different body colors and shapes as well as pick your own eyes, nose and outfits. Do I choose the Broadway showgirl or the Statue of Liberty?? Hmmm ... Now that's a fun decision to make. It's enough to make Kermit green with envy.


Million dollar question...

Beer, cookie ice cream sandwiches and America's Next Top Chef...
Will someone please tell us why we're we single?!

Like Dave on Christmas morning...

It's been "that" kind of day and I need some comfort.

Oh what's this?

Is that you Mr. Matthews... making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside like a warm pair of wool socks on Christmas morning when you're only 5-years old and still believe that Santa just brought you that new Barbie dream house and then mom brings in the cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate, kisses your forehead and says "Merry Christmas," and then you realize you still have a full stocking to dig through and totally know that there's a Crunch bar in there because Santa NEVER forgets to bring you a Crunch bar and then you look around and see how happy everyone is because it's Christmas morning and you have wool socks on, you're eating cinnamon rolls, drinking hot chocolate, playing with a Barbie dream house and now have a Crunch bar.

Yes folks...that's how Dave makes me feel. I'm just sayin.


I'm pulling a Carly with this but, who knew?

I had an interesting takeaway from a meeting today:
Snapple is the official iced tea of NYC.

They should put it as a "Real Fact" under their cap.


Thanksgiving in NYC

So nor Roomie nor I can make it home for the holidays, so we are bringing the holidays to us. That is, if we can ever get our oven fixed. We have a whole Thanksgiving meal planned for just us two...which makes it even more exciting because I am used to standing in the Thanksgiving food line with 4 brothers and sisters, 6 nieces and nephews, boyfriends, girlfriends, random friends and a dog. This year...I am very excited to have half of the goods. Leftovers for days I tell you!

Since I'm the high maintenance veggie girl - we are sticking to only sides (unless Roomie sneaks in a turkey...which is okay by me...but no gizzards please). Making the fab Thank-Zeus-For-Food list so far: Green bean casserole, mashed potatoes (thinking of garlic ones!), broccoli & cheese rice casserole (just added that one Roomie, sorry), some sort of salad, cranberry, rolls or croissants and of course stuffing. Dessert is to be continued. Not sure we have enough though...

The way I see it is that we'll start the day light and head to the Macy's Parade. I watched it every year growing up. Imagine a mini-me, sitting in front of the TV with cinnamon buns in hand..delighted as the Backstreet Boys and Garfield entertained me. To be here for the real thing is like a eating ice cream for breakfast!

Even better is that Roomie and I's office has a great view of the parade (we're located right on Broadway), so we will be protected by the crazies while the Jonas Brothers lip-sync on by. Oh my first Thanksgiving in New York...what a delicate and precious moment for us all to ponder.


Almost famous...

Roomie went and made us famous..at least in the MS&L PR world!

I'm sure she hates it that Joel McHale is on the screen grab.
Kudos to my digital roomie!


Monday Monday...

On my walk in to work this morning I saw Paramount trucks and trailers getting ready for a shoot at 52nd and 5th by Ferragamo. Any guesses what might be in production?
Something sassy I'm sure.