Ryan Gosling is a genius.

Yes, we all love "The Notebook." I mean, I've even considered asking my brother to edit the movie for me taking out all the current-day scenes in the old folks home just so I could have more quality Gosling time - I get it. But me, what I really love is "The Believer." If you haven't seen this movie, trust me, rent it. It's a twisting, turning, compelling tale of an anti-Semitic Jew. Yeah, heavy and moving. Ryan's best work... closely followed by "The United States of Leland," "Half Nelson," and "Lars and the Real Girl." I guess the point of this rambling is that I can't believe it but he's out done himself.

He's now dipping his toe in the music pool, teaming up with Zach Shields (and local kids choirs) to create Dead Man's Bones. This is no hip-hopin Joaquin Phoenix hijinx and is a far cry from Put Me in the Car. Dead Man's Bones is freshly haunting, theatrical and raw. Check out their first video, "In The Room Where You Sleep" for yourself...

And why add kids to the mix? Ryan breaks it down with the perfect analogy in the band's first interview with Pitchfork...
"We'd rather see a high school play as opposed to a Broadway show any day," Gosling explained. "Not that Broadway shows aren't great, but there's just something about a high school play...you're not distracted by the achievements, you get to watch the process, the will to make something." He continued, "You know when you're a kid and you get crayons and papers and just draw whatever you want and it's just a bunch of messy lines, but to you it makes sense, and then they put it on the fridge? From that point on, you're always trying to get back on the fridge, you start drawing things that look like something, like, the more it looks like a horse, the more chance you have of getting it on the fridge. We wanted to get back to that place before we were trying to make the fridge. We wanted to work with people who hadn't been affected in that way yet."

I say break out the crayons and color outside the lines, Dead Man's Bone is going on my fridge and on my MP3 Player.

In due time...

So Roomie has come through once again and offered me up for a pretty awesome interview...for a pretty awesome publication! I'm not going to give deets yet, but if it all works out, I think this may jump to #1 on the "awesome-Carly-in-the-media-moments-because-Roomie-is-a-hella-good-publicist" scale.

Also, if this works out and is published...Roomie will define her "I not only belong in PR, but I freakin exceed in it!" status officially. There are rumors that's she's already there....but again, this will solidify. I'm not sayin...I'm just sayin.


Times Square 1.20.09

Here are some of the sights and sounds from Time Square during the inauguration today.
The first glimpse of the President-elect and the crowd goes wild...
CLICK HERE to check out Time Square's reaction to seeing Barack for the first time
(sorry I was/am having video posting problems)

Joe swears on the biggest Bible he could find.

Welcome President Barack Obama.

And yes, in case you were wondering, I was there.

ROOMIE SEZ: Happy Inauguration Day!

No matter where you are I'm sure you felt the energy in the air today. I myself braved the cold and the masses to join the buzz in Times Square and watch our 44th President Barack Obama get sworn in.

While this is the third election I was able to participate in, it's the first time I've gotten to see my choice take the presidential oath. With that, the two previous times I still watched the inauguration with hope that things would get better despite any personal feelings. However, this time I was filled with faith and confidence that good lies a head. Simply put, I'm inspired.

As Obama said in his first speech as president, "Today I say to you that the challenges we face are real. They are serious and they are many. They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. But know this, America -- they will be met."
Yes we can!
I took several photos and videos of my Inauguration Day experience in the heart of NYC so be sure to check back later. Also to come, Carly and I celebrated the election with apple pie – now the extravaganza continues and in true roomie fashion we will celebrate tonight with another Americana meal. So stay tuned to hear from the Chef herself.