Dancin in the street

Too funny and forgot to mention...

On my way into work yesterday morning, I had the pleasure of walking behind a girl about my age who was illustrating the power of morning music. She had her iPod with her and was dancing along to it as she walked. And not just a toe-tap or finger-snap here and there, it was literally a show stopping performance.
There was one point where I actually had to back up because she had stopped in her tracks and was doing a side step move - all while shaking her head to the music. Arms were flailing, hips were shaking, it was a sight to see for sure! I'm pretty sure parts of her dance were choreographed.
What made it the most strange/awesome was that she would bust a move on an 8-count (or I assume an 8-count) and then continue walking as if nothing had happened. Then she would bust out again, and proceed as before. This went on until I crossed the street and escaped her dance party. Mind you, this is all before 9:00 am.
I did want to make sure to note however that she was no Roomie who blew away MS&L yesterday afternoon.


My Roomie Can Dance...Dance...Dance

Watch Roomie at the MS&L Talent Show working it out with Brian! Work. It. Out. You think you can dance? Well I KNOW my Roomie can dance!

Video coming soon - technical error.

Ever hear the one about the rabbi...

This has to be one of the best/saddest stories of all time! I can't even make this up...rabbis and politicians selling kidneys...

"Three New Jersey mayors, two state lawmakers, a deputy mayor and five rabbis were among 44 people charged Thursday" for being allegedly involved in money-laundering and an illegal human organ-selling ring.

Oh this is just too rich. Can't even make any funnies on it...the story speaks for itself.
Read the whole story here:


Hometown proud

Well it didn't take Lincoln, IL as long as I thought to make it into Perez Hilton, but guess I always assumed I'd be the one to make it on there due to my high profile romance with Dave Matthews. Instead, this dude beat me to the punch...suppose there's always People.com

Oh and I know what you're thinking...and NO he wasn't my prom date...that is, at least for my Junior prom date...