Dancin in the street

Too funny and forgot to mention...

On my way into work yesterday morning, I had the pleasure of walking behind a girl about my age who was illustrating the power of morning music. She had her iPod with her and was dancing along to it as she walked. And not just a toe-tap or finger-snap here and there, it was literally a show stopping performance.
There was one point where I actually had to back up because she had stopped in her tracks and was doing a side step move - all while shaking her head to the music. Arms were flailing, hips were shaking, it was a sight to see for sure! I'm pretty sure parts of her dance were choreographed.
What made it the most strange/awesome was that she would bust a move on an 8-count (or I assume an 8-count) and then continue walking as if nothing had happened. Then she would bust out again, and proceed as before. This went on until I crossed the street and escaped her dance party. Mind you, this is all before 9:00 am.
I did want to make sure to note however that she was no Roomie who blew away MS&L yesterday afternoon.

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