Like Dave on Christmas morning...

It's been "that" kind of day and I need some comfort.

Oh what's this?

Is that you Mr. Matthews... making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside like a warm pair of wool socks on Christmas morning when you're only 5-years old and still believe that Santa just brought you that new Barbie dream house and then mom brings in the cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate, kisses your forehead and says "Merry Christmas," and then you realize you still have a full stocking to dig through and totally know that there's a Crunch bar in there because Santa NEVER forgets to bring you a Crunch bar and then you look around and see how happy everyone is because it's Christmas morning and you have wool socks on, you're eating cinnamon rolls, drinking hot chocolate, playing with a Barbie dream house and now have a Crunch bar.

Yes folks...that's how Dave makes me feel. I'm just sayin.

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