Did I start this?

There is no need for me to protest the pink jersey...only feet away from me she declares that she has finally seen the light...

"Jessica Simpson has a theory about why she's been blamed for "jinxing" the Dallas Cowboys: the color pink.

Last year Simpson, 28, was nicknamed "Yoko Romo" by Cowboys fans who believed she's bad luck to boyfriend Tony Romo's football performance. On Thursday night, she told David Letterman that she'll never again wear her pink No.9 jersey to games.

Referring to the "jinx drama", Jessica said: "I really think it’s because I was wearing a pink No. 9 jersey and not a blue one."


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Anonymous said...

So, 3 things:

1. I miss you so much and still look for you at your cube when I come into work.

2. You should read Blue Like Jazz, I think you would like it. I'm still getting into it but so far there are some things I agree with and some I don't...but a good read nonetheless.

3. Will you eat a Magnolia cupcake for me?