Dreams do come true

Sorry for the late post...been really busy at work since I skidadled to Dave instead of working last night.

So the show...where do I start...where do I begin?!

First, let me give you the amazing set list Dave did last night...best show I've ever gone to. Hands down.

Set List

  • Don’t Drink the Water (started the night out right...made first call to my Dave-buddy Angie...also had told Heather I hope he plays this earlier in the night)
  • Proudest Monkey (fun little diddy)
  • Satellite (second call to Angie)
  • So Damn Lucky (almost cried...he talked about his father who he lost to lung cancer and then started this song...if you know the words...you know why I was in tears)
  • Corn Bread (danced this mother out)
  • Burning Down The House (rocked it!!! Such a good version! Youtube it folks.)
  • Spoon (joined by Ingrid Michaelson...she didn't stand her own.)
  • Stay Or Leave (could NOT believe he played this....it totally made it okay he didn't play Dancing Nancies...freaking LOVE this SONG!)
  • Eh Hee (I think it revived poor Heather who was going off of no sleep!)
  • Water Into Wine (didn't know it, but thought it was clever to start #41)
  • #41 (Shut it down Matthews! Called Angie again.)
  • Louisiana Bayou (got down with my bad self again)
  • Sledgehammer (I told Heather I wanted him to play this again...and he killed it!)
  • Crash Into Me (the romantic side of Dave...singing to me of course)
  • Two Step (Kidding me? #41 and Two Step? Life is grand.)
  • Anyone Seen The Bridge (nice little instrumental)
  • Too Much Intro (oh you tease David...oh you tease)
  • Ants Marching (Had told Heather that this was my pump-up song while I was working with the Bengals...now may have to be for the Jets as well!)
  • Too Much (but tease not for long!)
  • *All Along The Watchtower (best version of this song since Jimmy!)
So I sound crazy and that's okay. I'll take that. This show was beyond amazing. Oh yeah...Julia Roberts introduced them. No Brad Pitt. That picture is from last night (above).
Some other famous people were there... (http://www.okmagazine.com/news/view/8964)

A lot of solos.

One last thing. Since this was their last show of the tour, they all rocked it out. At one point in the show (So Damn Lucky), Dave just went into his own world and stayed there. The band kept trying to reel him in, but no, they couldn't. They finally started laughing and let him do his thing.

Can I say it? I loved it.

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