Oh yesterday...such a long and fun day. As you may have heard (unless you live under a rock), Brady is out, Cassel is in and yesterday was his first official start...against who else but the Jets. This caused a frenzie with media and also because it was Brett's first home game as a Jet. Oh how crazy it was.

The game didn't go as expected with the Jets coming up short. However, I did get to see Ne-yo again and was close enough to Brett that I could've touched him with my hand. By the way ladies, Brett is a looker! He's that rugged type...calloused hands if you will. Very green eyes. Very no nonsense...very cute.

Other highlights of the game included a crowd of media gathered around the Bills/Jags game on TV in the dinner room. Per my brother's Buffalo expertise, I told everyone I thought the Bills would win. When they did...against a lot of doubt...I looked cool. I liked that. ;)

Very cute media reported for the Pats. That was also a plus.

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