Drinky, drink it is! It's been decided. Justin better watch his sexy back because Carls Jr. and I are looking for a little Southern Hospitality. We've decided we can't turn down $10 Coors Light pitchers and beer pong tables. That's right, we're classy and JT knows how to woo the ladies.

Oh man, by posting tonight's destination I hope we don't get recognized and mauled by our many readers. Sorry Carly - I just wasn't thinking! I'll bring the velvet ropes so the herds of boys have to form a line to meet you...and I'll weed out the married Canadians while moving the cute Denmarkians to the front. Now only if I could pull you away from the variety of BBQ options JT and crew have on hand. ;) It's gonna be an interesting night fo sho.

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did you see him?