Insane in the mem-Blaine

So the weekend was interesting. I can officially add a boy from Israel to the growing list of foreign boys I encounter on the weekends. Friday night I went to a "gala" (feel so important when I say that) and spent Saturday watching Heather's man in "My Best Friend's Girl" in addition to little bit of shopping. We went out in the Village and had a dandy old time...ending the night by renaming a guy Joaquin Jonas, dubbing him the eldest of the Jonas bros.

Sunday was hard as a Bengals fan but gave me hope that we will at least 5 or so games this years...that is...if we can play like yesterday. I proudly wore my Bengals shirt on my way to get ice cream after such a heartbreaking loss, but was mocked by some idiot Giants fans who don't seem to realize that their quarterback is a 12-year old girl who constantly has a "deer-in-the-headlights" look about her. But that's just my opinion.

Anyhooooo...interesting New York news folks.

First...Heather and I will be checking out David Blaine as he attempts a stunt that apparently can make him go blind. He will be hanging upside down in Central Park for 60 hours, so we'll check it out at either lunch or on the way home from work. I'll take some pics to put up tomorrow. Check out the story though (http://abcnews.go.com/Health/story?id=5844197&page=1).

Also, on my way to work today, I think they whole NYC police force was at the Waldorf and streets surrounding. Secret servicemen, official-looking cars, the whole nine yards. It leads me to assume that President Bush is staying there or that a surprise party is being held in my honor by Dave Matthews...either way...I could rob a bank right now and get away with it. Oh wait...our banks no longer have money in them.

Oh...just read the news. I guess no suprise party for me. President Bush is here and heading to the UN.

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