New York City is for walkers

It seems as though this city just isn't the same when walking hurts.
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My first attempt at leaving the casa (minus a cabbie) in almost 2 weeks was a semi-success. My points of success criteria were as follows:

- Do not fall over (although I did trip on 6th Ave.)

- Do not get stepped on (although subway passengers came very close)

- Do not cry

Not that I was looking for it, but I did not receive much sympathy from the New Yorkers on their way to whatever they had going on this chip, cheery morning. Instead, there was a lot of sighing, a lot of rushing by me and a lot of cutting me off to get around me. I can not be mad at them as I did the same when I was a two foot walking machine...and I will probably do it again once my foot is back to normal. So much for lesson learned huh?
Long story short - New York is not nearly the magic place when you are poor and lacking mobility.

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