Fasha is ice cold!

Fasha is chilly!! Notice his comment to Roomie's post regarding the temp:

"It was -13 yesterday am with a 20 mph breeze a high -3 and -16 this am, how that's. Fasha"

Fasha: For braving the -13 degree weather yesterday (and for those who don't know, the poor guy has to be at work at like 5:30 am or something crazy like that!!), and for another day of having to work in grossy Josie -16 degree weather....I salute you!

18 degrees is a hella lot better than -16!

P.S. Please note that this -16 degree business doesn't help the "Carly should move to Chicago in a few years" case.


Bun 26 said...

your little friend, Mr Seal is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

-16 is DEFINITELY not helping my mom's case of me moving to Chicago soon either! (Although I have to say that the fact that there was no school yesterday or today in IL is appealing.... Hmmmmmm)