Pa-lease, what I watched last night was not the 90210 I know. The only thing that remained the same was Nat and the Peach Pit - though I wonder, did the After Dark shut down?

But what's that you say, Kelly and Brenda were on the show last night too? Whatever! Dylan's baby mama acted like a 12-year-old when the hot for teacher showed up at her door. The real Kelly Taylor would have made him work a little harder - especially after insulting her. And if you think Brenda isn't going to work her way into that story line, you're kidding yourself. Maybe that is one thing that will remain the same. The female Walsh twin has issues - and bad teeth, what happened?

Maybe it is because I was actually a teenager when I watched it the first time but I miss the good ole days. Da-nanana- da-nanana-cha cha.

Btw, I dedicate this post to Ben Lyons - a fellow old school 90210 fan. Keep it real Ben and if you ever find yourself at home in NYC look me up. xoxo

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Carly said...

This is why you're my roommate. Genious!

Is it sad that we comment on each other's posts on our own blog?