Is that down right sexy or what? (picture below). Let's take a minute to think of what he's singing and how it sounds. Could it be Don't Drink the Water...perhaps the opening tease to Two Step? Oh how my imagination runs free!

You: "Hey Carly.... whatcha doin on Wednesday, September 10th? "

Me: "Oh I don't know...going to work...may grab a coffee...eat some lunch...check how the Manhattan Mamas are doing....go see Dave Matthews (i.e. my husband) at the Garden."

Freakin Ah!! My life just got 50 times better! If he sings Dancing Nancies...oh if he sings it!!! And at Madison Square Garden? Oh to be naive with my money!

By the way...Julia Roberts is hosting it and all the money goes to charity. Yes....that is why I paid entirely too much (and made Roomie do the same) for only 200-level seats.....yes.....


Yan said...

What about the really uber cool guy that sold you the tickets at face value? Write more about him.

Yan said...

WAIT!!!! I just read that again. Only 200 level seats? Did you forget they are in row B?

Come on. You're going to go to a great show.

Angie Kallop said...

I will not even begin to tell you how jealous I am. And Julia Roberts! Uh...LOVE them both! No fair!!!!