Let us ponder...

So as I did my daily ritual of stalking my friends' awesome blogs (Lia's 'Second Look,' Nichole's 'Gone with the Wine' and the latest, Shannon's 'Sparkle Meets Domestics' & 'Sparkle Meets Sporty' - all on our bloglist!), I realized Shannon threw me a shout out last week that I totally overlooked.

I want to first say how awesome this is that she's promoting Roomie and myself, and I thank her. She's a a super cool girl and a colleague of mine (only on the exceptionally awesome weekends that is), so again, thank you Shannon.

But I must ask her this: Why must you label the post where you mention our blog as "Mindless Day" and then tag the post as "Pointless Stories?" It makes me wonder Shannon, it really does.

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