Review: Boot, Scootin & Boogie...

At last, I have fallen in love. It only took me 4 months in the City, but it has happened. I couldn't be more happy, and I want to share my joy with all of you. You may be asking yourselves who is this mystery love that gives Carly goosebumps and butterflies? Who has been the star of her daydreams...skipping in hand down Broadway with the sun shining and the birds chirping?
Two Boots. Two Boots pizza has been kicked my butt in love overdrive. Pun intended.

Roomie & I have decided to start reviewing the awesome (or not) restaurants we check out in the City since we do love to eat. I have a strong notion she will review the place we have our eyes set on for Sunday, so I thought it would be appropriate that I start out with this pizza joint that I like to call heaven.

It reminds me of Mellow Mushroom, but even better. With pizza names like "The Newman" (a mix of Italian sausages, it's a Seinfeld fave), "Tony Clifton" (Andy himself would be proud to munch on this veggie classic), "The Dude" (Cajun Bacon Cheeseburger Pie fit for only the big Lebowski and my brother Scott) and "Mr. Pink" (Buscemi-licious I'm sure), Two Boots is pizza for pop culture's finest. http://www.twoboots.com/TW2008/Menus08/Grand1.html

Roomie and I tried our own mix with the "Orchidia," which allows you to choose 5 toppings. With that, we ran and we ran hard! We're talking eggplant (perfectly cooked I must say), roasted peppers (a yummy variety of yellow and red), sun-dried tomatoes, onion and Jalapeno pesto...yes folks you read it right...Jalapeno pesto. Completely delicious. Every bite was heaping with veggies...there was never a bite where you thought "I should've strategically moved these onions and peppers to the left corner of my slice so it wasn't only cheese that I bit into." I liked it so much, I called Two Boots to let them know. I think they thought I was calling to complain but when I said it was the best pizza I've had in the City, I heard a smile. Oh yes, I heard the smile.
My review is 5 out of 5 Bobbie Flays.

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Roomie said...

I'm not lying, my mouth watered when you relayed the deliciousness of Two Boots and I'm excited about leftovers. Being the foodies that we are, I think we picked the perfect combo on our Orchidia and I have decided that jalapeƱo pesto is the way to my heart. Totally worthy of 5 Flays! Good. review. roomie. Good review.