Bring on the sexy.

It's that time again -- time for People to stop making Carly's head spin with Jessica Simpson "news" and focus on the
Sexiest Man Alive for 2008.

You know who has the roomies' votes...

... while we question People's taste anyways, here's hoping!

Regardless, who do you think will get this year's honor? Brad has been in the news a lot lately with all those babies and has a movie coming out but does he really need title number three? What about that new "Twilight" guy, Robert Pattinson? He has a lot of buzz surrounding him but is he too green? Or there's Gavin Rossdale. His solo album's been out for a while but People loves hot dads and ahmm, Gavin's hot. Would they dare to pick Barack? JFK Jr. has graced the over but that's as close as it's come to the political front.

Either way, it's time for Matt Damon to pass the torch. How do you like them apples?!


Carly said...

Count 1 very important vote for Dave, People magazine owes me.

Roomie said...

Ok so I know I'm commenting on my own post which is weird but it just hit me. I bet it's going to be Hugh Jackman!

Regardless, I stand by Dane.