The day has arrived. I am sitting in my DMB t-shirt from the '06 tour, listening to the new single, Funny the Way It Is, getting ready to order Thai. My Christmas/birthday has arrived.

First and foremost - download the new single! Dave is so sneaky. He knew how upset I was that the album wasn't coming out today, so he released a new single. Thank you Dave. Listen to it. Love it. It is truly great. I have it on repeat and truly love it!

Download at: http://www.rcarecords.com/cgi-bin/dm/download.pl

Second, thank you Roomie for getting me the link first. I had a late night and had to work early this morning so I could concentrate on DMB-goodness the rest of the afternoon. I took a short nap after I finished up work, and so when I awoke, there was two emails from Roomie, both in regards to Dave.

The first of the two was actually from Mama D who after reading the past few posts, said "Enjoy DMB tonight and help Carly keep her blood pressure in check. I wouldn't want her to collapse during the first song and miss the rest of the concert." Oh Mama D - the picture to the right is for you (the one on the right is for me - heyoh!). This is sure to be my face before, during and after the show, only I won't be red/tan from the sun, that will indeed be my blood pressure.

Last thing - tonight is THE night! I just got another wave of super excitement, so I can't type anymore. I must go dance to "Funny the Way It Is." But let me leave you with this: Tonight is sure to be magical.

Eat. Drink. Be Merry.

Download the song.

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