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Well kids, tomorrow is the big day, albeit not as big without the album release, but still just as amazing: DMB will kick off their Spring/Summer tour at the Garden tomorrow night with funkadilly opener, The Roots.

This show has been in my mind and heart for many months now, and I can't believe it is finally here. I took tomorrow off to baste in the new single (out tomorrow). I took Wednesday off to recover from the magic. Good times will be had. Oh yes, good times will be had.

This week, Billboard magazine has put the band on its cover with a really great article to accompany. The online version has a video that may make you tear up as the band talks about saxophonist LeRoi Moore who passed away last summer from an AV accident. The album, Big Whiskey and The GrooGrux King is in dedication to Moore and is being hyped as the band's best album yet.

Best quotes from the article (from Dave):

"I'm terrified as a songwriter, but maybe that helps me a little bit. On this album I didn't let myself off the hook, I was really determined to get as much right as I could. That's how I viewed the process: as a battle for the right songs and a battle for the process, and a battle for making a great record that Roi would have loved, as well as making a record that I will stand up and if someone tells me 'I don't like it' I can say "that's your problem, 'cause it's good, bro."

I have no doubt Dave. No doubt.

Also, the article shows that DMB is band #9 on the most albums sold list. This obviously does not include the new album, so they could easily move up several spots. Other bands on the list: The Beatles (#1), Pink Floyd (#3) and the Eagles (#6).

I am sure there will be plenty of DMB updates after the show, given that I don't spontaneously combust. This is just one more reason why I love New York - I get to see my man open his tour at the Garden - life is grand, isn't it?

Meanwhile, check it out the article and awesome video at:

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