MS&L Atlanta

I thought it was hard on Friday, but that was just the tip. Not only did my new NYC gig get me beautiful flowers, but my awesome Atlanta HWL team did as well and they are Uh-maze-ing! The office manager asked if Atlanta was trying to out do New York!

On a serious note...I loved my team...oh how I loved my team! How fortunate was I to work so well with such awesome girls (Sarah, Amelia, Kristal and Holly!) and with Papa Mike? It's going to be hard to beat!
Not that I could ever begin to list all of the things and reason of why I love this team, but here's some photos that may help you get the idea.

Atlanta MS&L board ------->
NewYork office (PCPR flowers to left, MS&L flowers to right)


Confessions of an Antique said...

I just hit "next blog" at the top of the page, and here I was...

Georgia to NYC, good job! and good luck... come take a look at my home if you wish

maybe share a story, its kinda new, still has that new car smell :)

Anonymous said...

Um, the MS&L flowers kick butt. Also, I'm glad you have a photo of what is on the board. You would appreciate it. ;-) Happy Day 2!