First weekend in NYC

An email I shared with my Atlanta girls and brother re: Heather's and I's journey to NYC....more to come (we have no internet right now).

Heather and I got in the city around 1:30 pm (drove 8 hours on Friday, stayed in Staunton, VA for 4 horus and back on the road), but were in traffic to get to the Washington bridge until about 3:00. We drove it, got into the Upper East Side and onto our street. It was shaky at first (thought I ran into a car!), but we got our stuff moved in (just us two until the VERY end). We were exhausted, so we grabbed a pizza at Luigi's (<----ummm...awesome name of a restaurant for my first meal as a NYC resident) and watched some of the Olympics. We attempted to unpack, but passed out around 1:00 am or so.

I awake to a ticket ($115) on the truck, but figure, it all balances out after saving $500 on moving by going with Budget Trucks. Who cares...I'm in NYC...right? Right.

Okay - we take the truck to Harlem to return it and fill up the tank along the way. Gas station guys hit on us while we pump gas. No biggie. We know we're sexy.

We pull the truck up to the return place. Yah. We're done with it. Right. No.

After waiting for about 10 minutes behind a couple, the clerk goes to check out our truck to make sure there is no damage. He then backs it up to where I can see it from the office. Graffiti all of the driver side of the truck.

We didn't get insurance on it because I like to believe I'm invincible...so we were freaking out a bit. He then offered to act as though the graffiti happened after we dropped off the truck (even though it did) if we give him $40. I hand him a credit card and he says, "I thought you'd pay me in cash." Heather hands him two $20 bills. He writes the damage off.

We leave the place and look at the truck...the paint from the graffiti is still wet and actually dripping off of the truck. I think you can draw the conclusion.

So we got hasseled on our second day...but what's worse is that we high-fived each other and screamed "We are officially living in New York!"

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