I gossip...and I'm a girl

Anyone up for a little Gossip?
This morning, Roomie gave me a heads up that the popular CW series Gossip Girl was filming on 73rd and Madison...a little place called Via Quadronno. I, who was a hurryin to work, did a little drive-by...only to see cameras galore, and trailors a crazy!

I didn't spot Blake, Penn or Chase...but low and behold...

People.com just posted this photo of Leighton Meester (characted Blair Waldorf) on set today. You may be asking yourself...that's a great blue bow-tie Blair, but what's that in your hands?
Well, if you squint real heard, you'll see that the bag has the outline of a flying pig...I'd assume the resturant's logo, wouldn't you?
Upon some research, I found that Via Quadronno's "logo" is quite similar? I would like to make a point here: Gossip Girl films where I walk to work. Therefore, shouldn't I be able to dress like Blake Lively and pull guys as cute as Chase Crawford?

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