First you get an MTV Logo award named after you (the "ArjanWrites.com Brink of Fame Song Award" nonetheless) and now, for the first time in the GRAMMY's 51 years, you are going to be blogging/tweeting live starting February 6th?!?!
A-maz-ing! A big congratulations goes out to Arjan!!

Be sure to get in on the fun and follow Arjan's live blog on GRAMMY.com and Twitter.com/ArjanWrites. Both websites will feature minute by minute coverage of all the GRAMMY happenings - onstage, off-stage and backstage. You can also stick with ArjanWrites.com for blog posts, photos and exclusive videos that he will post before, after and throughout the show.

We are so proud and will be vicariously living through you. Oh, and if you happen to bump into Anthony Keddis you have my number - feel free to share. ;) ;)

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Arjan said...

Thanks for the shout out, ladies!