Carly and I are in the mist of our first NYC Thanksgiving! While she is in the kitchen (where she should be, hehehe) cooking away, I thought I'd share some videos and pictures from our exciting morning where we drank peppermint mochas, ate apple fritters and had an even sweeter view of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade from our office...

Is that you Snoopy?!

The new "Horton Hears a Who" balloon makes us happy and five...

It's Miley!! And who doesn't love a marching band?!...

...we love them so much they make us want to join the fun, march and step ;)

And then it all comes to an end with Santa
--OK, we are having technical difficulties with this last file so please imagine an awesome video of Carly wrapping up the morning's events with some witty commentary and the Santa Claus float coming to town. Stay tuned.--

Now it's my turn in the kitchen (Cope's Corn, here I come) more updates on the deliciousness later.

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