To quote Ice Cube, "Today Was a Good Day"

With three days in counting left, we had our office send-off dinner. At where you ask? VICKERYS!! It could be our last roasted red pepper, black bean burger, fabulous french fries, mac-n-cheese meal.
Besides the delish food, we were surrounded by a lotta love from the awesome MS&L ATL crew. It will be hard to say goodbyes on Friday. But the "packing" continues.


sarah said...

You both are much loved and will be greatly missed. I think we will have to boycott vickery's for a while in your honor - just 'cause that would be cheating on you :)
I can't wait to visit you in the Big Apple!!!!
luv, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Or, we might go once in awhile and send you photos to make sure you miss us and Vickerys enough...

Roomie said...

Aww, you two are so sweet...one boycotting and one indulging. Love it!