The Curious Case of Carly's Bad Luck...

Well happy 2009 my dear folks! It's been a while, but I am proud to say that Roomie and I are back with a vengeance.

I first want to say that I realized many things over the holidays such as home is where the heart is and that my 25th was one of my best birthdays to date...but most importantly...black Irish luck is not the same as the average Joe Irish luck. Actually, it is quite the opposite.

I can go on to say how bad my luck is, but I feel as though I must include my family with that statement. My misfortunes over the holidays were shared with the ones I love most so they know how unlucky it truly was.

It started with a cancelled flight back home. It turns out that when you intend to land in the middle of an ice storm, flights tend to get cancelled. I began to think this was a bad thing until it dawned on me that my layover was in Atlanta and that in fact, I had many great friends there. It was deja vu as I left the apple for the peach.

I stayed with my dear friend Lia and her amazing hubby Matt. Not surprisingly, but very happily, I was treated like royalty! They picked me up, fed me and gave me shelter! It was so nice to catch up with them and see their adorable apartment - so jealous of them! It was also very sweet as Lia had to work the following morning, so Matt drove me to the airport. My cell phone had died, so he gave me quarters to call my folks. Seriously, who thinks of that?! He is a catch indeed!!

So, I get to the ATL airport for standby flights and tried to call my parents via pay phone to let them know the situation. I ran out of quarters because no one is picking up (at home number)...go figure. I didn't have their cell phone numbers because again, my phone was dead and I don't know anyone's number off hand. I began using my debit card to make calls with still no success.
Good news was that I was able to get on the first standby. I landed and was happy to see my folks waiting for me (they were psychic). We ate and were happy to see each other. It was then that they informed me that we were out of power at home. This would continue for 3 days. :)

Two days before x-mas, power was restored and good times were had. I realized that I had been charged $30 for the two calls I made at the ATL airport (remember, no one picked up on the other line), so I spent some time disputing those charges.
Regardless, x-mas was wonderful! Fasha and I found the perfect x-mas tree and had a good time doing so! Mom, my nieces and I spent the day decorating, and I felt just like I did when I lived at home! I got some awesome presents, including a cute white coat, a book outling the back story to every Beatles song ever recorded and a set of super nice pans from my brother. Oh yes, and my flight to get back to NYC. :)
The week ended with tornadoes and power being knocked out once again (yes that's right...from ice storm to tornado). Regardless, I had the time of my life and was so happy to catch up with the family! I didn't get to see all of my friends like I had wanted to, but there shall be another trip and another day! Please note that my dad and I made the most killer burritos ever made with our own black bean refried beans...delish!

I came back to New York on my birthday (yes, I'm now 25 and very wise) to a surprise visit from my gal Sarah as well as the presence of Amelia! I was spoiled rotten by Roomie (umm hello...favorite Dave Rolling Stone cover framed and year subscription to the mag, upon other awesome gifts...woo-woo!) and had a yum-o cappuccino cake! Kim joined the part the next day and got me a set of Frommer's books for Greece and the Greek isles (I now am inspired to be a travel guide writer). By the way, my mom surprised me with a Cold Stone Creamery "cookies and cream" cake that was a-maze-ing!! She also got me a cute as hell green purse and the owl necklace that I've been wanting...yes...own necklace. It rocks! My nieces picked out some cute PJs for me...love them so much!

New Years was also amazing with gallivanting and such. It did lead to my next misfortune however..my foot. As you may have read, a stiletto attacked me. I finally went to a doctor this past Tuesday after not being able to walk for four days and being yelled at. Although no broken bones, the heel went through a vein causing hematoma. The doc gave me a tetanus shot and said that while the swelling and bruising will get better...it may be a full month before I get back to normal. Boooo. I've been working from home since the appointment and have severe cabin fever!!

So here we are now. I hope that the rest of my 2009 goes a little smoother.

Hot tip: Lookout for a 2008 Roomies recap...good stuff I tell ya! From the Olympics to Puerto Rico to moving to NYC to Fashion Week to Newsweek...it was a good year indeed!


PinkPeach said...

Oh Carly, you really are a Seinfeld episode! I miss you already and can't wait for our Coney Island adventure this summer. We're going to have to nail down a date so I can start my official countdown.....

Anonymous said...

Love it! Thanks for the shout out - I sent you one as well! Love you girls.

Roomie said...

The story behind the photo --
Please note that in the New Years Eve picture of Carly and I, I am informing her that I just told these dudes who were hitting on us that her stepping career could be over due to her stilleto injury.
It was a fun night!