Jack Goes Boating on 5th Avenue

So I subwayed today because I was running late -- my earbuds finally went kaput and I couldn't leave the house without my music so I searched for a pair of airplane headphones to get me through. TMI? I don't think so, very important business.

Anywho, on my way in to work I passed a bunch of movie trailers on 52nd between Madison and 5th. One of which had the character name Jack on it. I had remembered seeing No Parking signs for something called "Jack Goes Boating" put two and two together and IMDB confirmed that "Jack Goes Boating" is indeed an upcoming 2011 flick starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Jack. The Plot? ... "A stoner limo driver looks for different ways to improve his skill-set as a way to attract a girl." Probably explains why they are filming at Cartier but come on IMDB you can do better then that. Apparently it is an adaptation of an Off Broadway play by Bob Glaudini which will actually be directed by Hoffman. To continue with the theater fun, also in the cast of characters is Daphne Rubin-Vega a.k.a the original Mimi in RENT. She will be reprising her role from the stage production along side John Ortiz.

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