Oh my peeps, it's been so long. I just got back from a vortex of work, and promise to keep up from here on out!
With that, here's a quick recap of what's been going on:

May & June = blur. In May, went to see my husband at the Pete Seeger show, went to see Heather's husband the night before that, was in Miami for brother's wedding and then in Illinois for almost 2 weeks for his reception.

First week of June, came back and stood in the rain for 5 hours to see David at the Today show (got in line at 3 am), went to work directly after (looked like a drowned rat), and then went straight to Harford to see familia (Nicky and Mia are insanely cute!), and listened to a little Dave with the sissy (totally walked a bridge near his show and could hear it!).
Came back, had one weekend off and then had an event at Giants stadium. Following weekend went to Orlando for work, but got to hang out with Katie (yah!), then went to Baltimore this past weekend over the 4th. So....that's where I've been. :)

Looking forward to the move - can't wait to see where Roomie and I end up next!

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