This post is long over due but proves if you put things out in the universe anything is possible.

When Carly and I first moved to NYC and realized our office is located just blocks from Bar Americain, we knew our dreams of meeting Bobby Flay could be a reality. That's right, the ginger throwdown grill master Iron Chef could cross our paths at any moment if we were lucky. Well, it didn't magically happen but we kept hope alive. I mean, I even created a Bobby Flay cupcake during my office's Halloween cupcake decorating contest. Again, putting it in the universe. Delish!

But then, on June 23rd it happened and we got to meet one of our FoodNetwork favorites. Hello Bobby...

My favorite part of the experience came from Carls who said to Bobby - we are the roomies, you should meet us, we love you. haha. Ain't that the truth. The stars really did align.

Thanks to Betty Boop for taking the pic. ;)

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