4-0, 0-4

What a weekend of football.

For college...three of the top five AP ranked teams were upset and overall, a total of nine ranked teams lost, six of them to unranked teams. Craziness.

As for the NFL...the once Buffal-uh-oh Bills are now the Buffal-4-and-0 Bills. My fausha and brothers were at the Rams game (who just fired their head coach after the loss), and had a 4-0-tastic time. I'm happy for my crazy Buffalo fan Scott (in the tye-dye) because as he said it best, they haven't been this good since he was twelve. He is now 28.
Please note the only person in the picture above (far left) not wearing a Bills shirt is not a McLean. I'm just sayin.

On the Bengals front...not so good. Actually, quite the exact opposite of the Bills, as we are currently sitting at 0-4. Maybe I have to wait 16 years for a 4-0 start as my brother did.

As for Fantasy...the Manhattan Mamas are 4-0 and the only undeated team in my league. What, what?

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