So I had a little heart palpitation moment on the way to work this morning. For only half a block or so, I was walking behind a Dane Cook look-a-like. To clarify, a Dane Cook pre-haircut, circa Mr. Brooks look-a-like. Now I know it was not the real deal -- well, because, hello -- but also because he was wearing a sleeveless T and had tats (tribal tats to be specific, ill). That's not very Dane-esque, but I'm saying there was a resemblance.

Regardless, he stopped at one of those breakfast cart things and I kept trucking. But had it been Dane, breakfast would have called my name, there would have been some witty banter while waiting in line for a bagel and then the inevitable of him falling for me Good Luck Chuck-style would have happened. Just putting that out in the universe.


Anonymous said...

If you guys see Christian Bale...I will be on the next flight. I expect you to stalk until I get there. This is probably already understood, but wanted it in writing just in case you get distracted by hotness.

Roomie said...

Consider it done!