You Better Shape Up

Hello my folks - it's been a while! I've been slammed at work and frankly...too lazy to sign on at night (also don't have "real" internet). So here we are...with me and some news.

First off...the Bengals are 0-5 and if tonight continues the way it should, I'll be 5-0 in my fantasy league. This mixed bag of emotions got me into some drinking trouble Sunday which got me into even more trouble this morning where I found myself with a pounding head and upset tummy. However, since I work in PR, I am going to spin this negative into a jaw-dropping positive. My misfortune led to a few small steps of hearty fun.

So I drank too much on Sunday because my team can't pull a win. IF I hadn't drank so much and ate so little, I wouldn't have felt like I'd been hit by a bus this morning. Which means, I wouldn't have gotten off the train a stop too early because I was about to make myself a very uncool New Yorker. Which means, I wouldn't have stopped at Cafe Metro for a bagel and Gatorade to cure my killer of a headache and tummy yowling. Which means I wouldn't have walked by the GM Building (59th & 5th) to hear the songbird voice of Olivia Newton-John as she sang, "Hopelessly Devoted to You."
Turns out she is hopelessly devoted to an Australian breast cancer charity. She talked all about it on the Early Show this morning while I passed by, chowing on a cinnamon-raisin bagel. I could see her very clearly. I can't say that her "Grease" singing soothed my tummy, but I can say I did begin to feel better after she crooned. However, I was also downing an orange Gatorade at the time. Electrolytes are amazing.

On another note...Heather and I went and saw "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist" Saturday night. Our inappropriate crush on Michael Cera has grown three-fold. Cute movie. Cute boy. Just cute.
When I manage to get another lunch hour sometime in the near 10 years, I will post some more. I have some collective thoughts on New York now, such as:
  • New York is great because as much as you are constantly told to be "street smart" and to watch your back for "pick-pocketers," no one would ever dare to take the money from a homeless man and/or struggling musicians in the subway playing drums on a trash can. Even if you can clearly see $10s and $20s in their coffee cans and/or open guitar cases. Funny that way.

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