Ryan Reynolds and I actually have something in common.

To quote him..."Let it be known at the outset, I am not a runner. I am a running joke. Waking up at 4:30 am and jogging anywhere from 11 to 23 miles has been nothing short of horrifying. Although, I've never given birth to a professional basketball player through one of my tear ducts, I can't imagine a worse way to start the day."

Couldn't have said it better myself. The crazy thing about that statement is, Ryan is actually going to hit the pavement (hopefully not too hard, gotta watch out for those bleeding nipples -- read the article) and run the New York Marathon on November 2.

He does say... "Finally, if you happen to be in New York on November 2nd, come down and watch. Feel free to bring a smile, automated defibrillator, or a fresh set of nipples." So I'm taking that as a personal invitation and may just have to go and see Ryan run. Goo Ryan gooo!

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