Let me first start this posting by saying I love my job and I love PR.

What started out as a crazy day anyway just got way crazier. Yesterday evening I was asked to staff the Early Show (CBS's version of the Today Show) to promote a running group in Sunday's NYC marathon that is sponsored by my client. There was a chance I would be on air with them and so I was excited about that. I had no clue.

So we get there and meet up with the team (met a cute Australian and New Zealander as well). There was a lot of Halloween stuff going on like trick or treating, costumes, etc.

THEN...I was randomly pulled aside by a producer and asked to dress up as Sarah Palin and go on air. After a bit of hesitation since I am technically "on the job," I figured I'd deal with consequences later. Plus, my colleague promised she'd hold down the fort!

As they put me in a wig and glasses, another colleague came up and just started laughing. She said she was coming to find me because a producer had asked her if she wanted to be Sarah Palin on TV and she "No, but I know someone who would." Turns out I beat her to the punch.

So with work under control, I could concentrate on my Palin-ness.

They dressed me up and yes, I was on camera. Once for a teaser and twice on the segment. I was sporting red luckily (thank you Heather), so it wasn't too bad of a gimmick...but the others knew ahead of time, so they looked a lot more convincing. I was on the fly, so I figured that if I was going to do the Palin thing, I was going to do it big. I did the Tina Fey flex (didn't work out so well on TV since I'm looking at the wrong camera) and winked alot (doesn't really show in the scene below but was in the first one). Had to stand out of course.

Here is one of the clips..I'm in red standing behind the little Palin girl...still trying to find the other clip with more of a close up. Too bad I'm facing the wrong direction in the beginning of this clip...again I was looking at the wrong camera.

Halloween Hockey Moms

What a day and it's only 9:30 am. I do love PR.

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